Today more than ever, healthcare facility’s infrastructure plays a vital role in the delivery of better care. That’s why Legrand is as committed as you to keeping your infrastructure healthy and strong. With an unequalled depth and breadth of smart, easy-to-install systems and products that maximize capabilities while realizing energy and operational efficiencies. Helping all who come in contact with it to deliver better care.

Patient Room and Corridors

Patient Room and Corridors

Power and communications systems create a patient-friendly environment that reduces stress while increasing safety. Studies show a positive frame of mind and positive medical outcomes go hand-in-hand. Legrand power and communications systems create a patient-friendly environment that reduces stress while increasing safety. 

Lasting comfort and hygiene

Nurse Call

Legrand proposes a new and innovative concept for healthcare facilities, based on the patient’s room, which combines assisted living, hygiene, and energy efficiency. It guarantees comfort and security for inpatients, effective care for the care staff, and a high degree of maintainability for the operator.

Assisted Living

Assistance with independent living

The market for electrical installations for serviced elderly residences and care and nursing homes is constantly growing. With multiple specialist brands, Legrand is a key global provider for assisted living solutions from home care solutions through to telecare and telehealth solutions and networked systems for nursing homes.

Parking Area

Commitment to Safety

Outdoors is where commitment to the safety of personnel and visitors begins, and where businesses can demonstrate their environmental commitment. Discover the solutions:

Data Room

Digital Structure Expertise

Legrand’s complete global solutions for data communication perfectly address the key challenges for digital networks: network performance and protection and accessibility of every infrastructure. Discover the solutions:

Technical Room

Reliable Energy Distribution

Energy distribution is the foundation of the profitability of an entire building. Legrand power and protection solutions contribute to enhancing profitability by ensuring a reliable and safe energy distribution up to 6300 A, improving energy quality and reducing energy consumption. Discover the solutions: