From meeting rooms to open spaces, service sectors properties are constantly adapting to new ways of working. Be it open space plans, shared offices, meeting rooms, soundproof pods, break areas or to move from one way of working to another easier, internet and company data must be available everywhere at all times.  When confronted with the environmental challenges of our era, buildings must be more sustainable, adaptable, and energy efficient. Legrand’s solutions answer all of these challenges for occupiers’ welfare and companies’ business optimisation.


Power & data desk grommets

An ingenious ergonomically designed system that can be used to provide power, connect to the data network or recharge a mobile phone. This solution integrates directly into the furniture with minimum effort and replaces existing cable entry plates. Mobile users have a handy high/low current connection point at their finger tips complete with a mobile phone charger.

Meeting Rooms

Pop-up boxes

Users have a choice of high and low current desk or floor-mounted (raised access or concrete floors) connections for immediate use.

Open Spaces

Lighting Management

Putting a stop to energy waste, by delivering just the right lighting, exactly where it’s needed. Legrand’s lighting management solutions provide an appropriate and dependable response to office buildings. Legrand offers standalone or networked solutions to control passageways (corridors, stairwells, etc.) work areas (offices, meeting rooms) or the entire lighting system for a specific area or building. Click here

Technical Room

Energy Distribution

Energy distribution is the foundation of the profitability of an entire building. Legrand power and protection solutions contribute to enhancing profitability by ensuring a reliable and safe energy distribution up to 6300 A, improving energy quality and reducing energy consumption. Learn more:

Data Room

Digital Infrastructure Expertise

Legrand’s complete global solutions for data communication perfectly address the key challenges for digital networks:  network performance and protection and accessibility of every infrastructure. Click here