With Big data, Cloud computing, and the Internet of Things, infrastructures have become the nerve centre of businesses and their economic expansion. Supported by partners such as SJ Manufacturing and Raritan, Legrand is able to meet all the key challenges of data centers, i.e. energy efficiency, service continuity, security, flexibility and adaptability to changes in technology, regulations or usage. The Data Center Solution team provides technical support with every step of a data center project, from design to installation and through to operational maintenance.

Enterprise Solutions

Small and Medium Sized Data Center

These are small data centers meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies whose: 
1. Core businesses simply supported by IT (universities, hospitals, town councils..)
2. Coverage is regional or possibly national
The management of this type of data centre is still largely handled internally but is increasingly being outsourced with the onset of cloud computing. Learn more: 

Corporate & Colocation Solutions

Big Sized Data Centers

These are large data centers in which different entities can rent servers or space to install their own equipment. The security requirement in these data centers is especially high.
This solution enables data management to be wholly outsourced, with the assurance of optimum continuity of service. For this type of data center, Legrand can work with you at the project development stage. Learn more:

Technical Room

Energy and Consumption

The technical room, an essential part of the data center, must be dimensioned to distribute and protect a building’s entire electrical infrastructure, right up to the servers, yet still, take account of energy quality and lower energy consumption considerations. Learn more:

Server Room

Efficiency and Reliability

The server room is the hub of the data center.  Cooling the servers is critical to optimising operation. Learn more: