Chemical and agro-food industries, on-shore or off-shore installations, infrastructures ... The needs for electrical installations are as varied as the industries themselves. They require specific solutions that are sustainable, hygienic and secure, in accordance with the regulatory obligations of each business sector. Legrand’s industrial solutions are designed to ensure long-term competitiveness for industry.

Processing Area

Reliable and Flexible Energy Distribution

The busbar system up to 6300 A meets all installation requirements: it combines easy installation with flexibility, durability and safety. The system forms a complete solution for connecting power stations or transformers to the main panel or distributing power around the building including the rising mains. Learn more:

Extreme Environment

Industrial Installation

Industrial installations must be reliable and function safely even under extreme environmental conditions: high temperatures, UV radiation, high-pressure water jets, corrosive substances, salt water, heavy mechanical forces and other factors demand maximum robustness and safety. With more than 200,000 km of trays installed across the globe, Cablofil is the world’s most tested and specified wire mesh cable tray. Learn more about: