Rapid globalisation and increasingly complex projects are quickly taking place these days, the support of a reliable, competent partner is absolutely essential. Choosing the Legrand brand means the assurance of global expertise available at any time, throughout the world, via its network of professionals. A vast choice of carefully designed products make up solutions which in turn form coherent systems incorporating the latest technological innovations.

Shops and Fastfood Outlets

Solutions for centralised management of a shop

Creating an innovative and attractive shopping experience starts with having control in the smart solutions deployed for centralised management of a shop. Legrand provides an integrated smart solution from touch screens with user-friendly control interfaces that can be used for centralised control of the shop’s lighting system, roller blinds and sound system to wiring accessories to improve the “customer experience”. The Arteor ranges provide both simple lighting functions and smart solutions to ensure even greater comfort and more attractive decor. Learn more:

Department Stores

Unfailing continuity of service for electricity and data.

Legrand UPS stand out with their innovative technology and excellent reliability. The Trimod HE range provides power between 10 and 60 KVA. Its compact structure is ideal for medium-sized shops. The fully modular design of TRIMOD HE UPS enables each power module to be programmed to obtain the required I/O configuration. Discover other solutions:

Optimized Safety

Monitoring and protection, key factors for success.

Discover the solutions for:

Electrical Distribution

High performance to help save energy.

Legrand low loss dry-type transformers cause less pollution and are more economical than conventional transformers, and provide a reduction in electricity consumption that can reach 20% when in operation. Discover the solutions: