The minimalist design of the new Mallia™ Senses range pleases from the first glance. The profile of the switch sketches a
light curve, soft to the touch and easy on the eye. The range is distinguished by its flat design and unique slimness.

A maximum of control in a minimum of space

Up to 4-gang with perfect alignment of rockers

Soft touch control Dim and control dimmable

Dim and control dimmable LEDs and CFL, halogen or...

In-room charging station

Sockets with USB Type-A & Type-C charger are popular...

An easy way to communicate between staff and guest

Room service can announce itself in a friendly manner with...

Temperature control

With a simple touch on this touch-sensitive thermostat, your...

Light the way

Make life easy for your guests with automatically controlled...

Light turns on and off as you walk by

A motion sensor detects your presence and turns on the light...

Everything your guests need to charge any device....

With USB Type-C making its way onto our mobile devices, you...

Generic Features
  • Conform to BS EN 60669-1, BS EN 60669-2-1, SS 145-2, SS 403, BS 5733, EN 60728-4, IEC 67128-2 and European directive
  • Colour: 7 colours available
  • Material: Polycarbonate front cover plates
  • Supplied with 2 screws M3.5 for BS boxes
  • Supplied as complete product with protective film
  • Dimensions: 86 x 88 mm (1 gang) / 145 x 86 mm (2 gang)
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